Facial and neck …

Rejuvenation Program

• White Linen Program
- Spamacy’s antioxidant formulas designed to combat aging factors for your skin
- This richest vitamin adds on whitening care diminish sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles
- Hand/Machines
Time: 60 mim
Add Cure stick head therapy 70min

• Visual Brilliance Program
- This revitalizing treatment starts with oxygen peeling ( depend on client’s skin type it can be an enzyme peel or others)
- Improves texture of the skin, skin tone, and moisture retention
- Increased cell turnover rate
- Hand
- Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and surface pigmentation
Time : 60 min
Add Scalp therapy 70 min

• Cell Renewal Program
- Ultimate results for reducing sensitivity
- Stimulates elastin and collagen production
- This sensational treatment help the lymph system and increase energy production in the cells
- Penetrates serum and antioxidant ingredients
- Hand/Machines
- Aid in healing and repairing of tissue and to influence metabolism
Time: 60min
Add eye brow waxing
Add Scalp therapy 70 min

• Multi Vitamin Program
- This effective Vitamin treatment helps to keep healthy immune system for the skin
- Immediate result for bright skin tone
- Stimulates circulation, metabolism, and lymph drainage
- Hand/Machines
- Helps to stimulate elastin and collagen production
Time: 60min
Add eye brow waxing $120
Add Scalp therapy 70 min/$145

Skin Solution Program

• Oxygen dead cell program
- This oxygen care begins with exfoliating dead cells with miracle oxygen M
- Skin that looks and feels smoother and softer
- Easy to penetrate essential ingredients for cell restore
- Hand/Machines
Time: 60min
Add eye brow waxing
Add Scalp therapy 70 min

• Tight Pore Program
- This corrective treatment helps speed up the natural regenerative process
- Results are expected to show firmer and healthier skin
- Helps to keep PH balance
- Hand/Machines (Advanced Facial M)
- Increases metabolism
Time: 50min
Add eye brow waxing
Add light therapy combo 70min

• Trouble Spot Repair Program
- This effective treatment stimulates new cell production and clear up acne impactions
- Helps slough old cells
- Kills the bacteria and stops the irritating
- Hand/Machines
- Encourages new cell growth
- Spot blemish treatment with Anti-Blemish Slush
Time: 50 min
Add light therapy combo 60min

• Cell whitening program
- This popular program reduce hyper pigmented areas
- Melanin-suppressant agents and brighteners to reduce dark(brown) spots
- Hand/Machines (Advanced Facial M)
- Encourages new cell growth
Time: 60 min
Add light therapy combo 70min

• Resurface Program
- This corrective treatment starts with herbal peel ( depends on skin type microdermabrasion is a start option) and penetrate antioxidants include moisture capture recovery smoothie
- Protects the barrier function
- Increases metabolism
- Hand/Machine(Advanced Facial M)
- Helps to keep even skin tone
Time: 60 min

• Skin Calming Program
- This gently treatment helps to calm and cool the skin
- Increases the skin’s barrier function
- Helps to reduce sensitivity and dryness
- Hand/Machines(light therapy included)
- Helps to keep good lymph system
Time: 60min

Space for man special
• Escape from Urban…Skin n Scalp
- This special therapy for man is for absolute relaxation.
- Begins with deep cleansing then nourishing the skin
- Hand and cure stick scalp treatment is add on
- Hand/Machines
- Penetrates antioxidants and multi-Vitamins
Time: 60min

• Muscle wring therapy …Skin
- Release tension of your neck with this special treatment and boost energy to your skin
- Firms the skin
- Stimulates metabolism
- Penetrates antioxidants and multi-Vitamins
Time: 60min

• Back treatment for man
- This popular treatment loosen up the shoulder, neck, decollete, and back with aroma oil
- Detoxifying
Time: 40min
Add stone therapy 50min
Add mini facial 60min

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