Back and body …

Back and body therapy

• Stone Healing Program
- Experience luxurious back therapy with warm/cold basalt lava stones gives you a peaceful mind and body
- Boosts your metabolism and increase circulation
- Helps to keep water balance of the body and proper lymph drainage
Time 40min

• Cure Stick Spa Therapy
- One and only spamacy’s Cure stick spa therapy leads you to deep relaxation
- Help to rejuvenate the body
- tones the skin and releases tension
- Ideal for athletes, dancers, yogis and those who need loosen up muscles effectively
- Increase metabolism
- Revitalization with aroma oil
Time 40min

• detoxifying Wrap Program
- Pampers you tender with aroma scent
- Exfoliating treatment followed by Co2/ suddenly gel/ seaweed/ herbs/ antioxidant ingredients wrapping
- Increases metabolism
- Detoxifying (helps to reduce size of the body)

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