Prenatal Full Term Skincare

Prenatal Full Term Skincare

Most women have change in their skin, hair, and nails during pregnancy. Your changing hormones during pregnancy usually cause skin changes. Some women get brownish or yellowish patches around their eyes and over their cheeks and nose. Some women also get a dark line on the midline of their lower abdomen. To help prevent these changes, avoid the sun, use a good sunblock when you are outside, and wear a hat and clothes that protect you from the sun.

Spamacy's prenatal full term skincare programs help to relieve the symptoms, relax, improve, or even transform your skin and reveal a more beautiful you.

Limited Period Discount Price:

  • Week 1 ~ 12 : $490 / 10 times (original price $1,000)
  • Week 13 ~ 26 : $590 / 10 times (original price $1,200)
  • Week 27 ~ 39 : $690 / 10 times (original price $1,500)

Time : 70 minutes / visit

This program is not eligible for additional membership discounts or cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion, or group.

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